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Jönköping has an ideal geographic location for all types of logistics solutions. The airport is only seven minutes from the E4 motorway between Stockholm and Malmö/Copenhagen and only three minutes from R40 to Gothenburg.

Jönköping Airport has developed into one of the most important freight hubs in Sweden thanks to it's geographical location with excellent connection possibilities and the possibility of offering a complete solution for freight handling at the airport. This provides a number of advantages as the airport company handles the entire process from take-off and landing service, to loading / unloading, handling, security, terminal handling and delivery. The staff has the knowledge and skills to handle most types of aircraft and cargo.

Ulrik Find, CEO of DANX Group Sweden:

"Jönköping is fantastically located in Southern Sweden and is the hub for all logistics operations for us throughout the Nordic region”

Watch the video above about the importance of freight operations for our society and our region.
The video is from the autumn of 2020.

Jönköping Airport Cargo is one of the Swedish Transportstyrelsen's safety approved air terminal and is one of two airport terminals in Sweden that is neutral independent of freight forwarders. Here, a number of logistics services can be offered that do not necessarily have to be used in connection with cargo flights. Such as handling and construction of pallets and ULDs, handling of special cargo including handling of dangerous goods, consolidation and "re-export", import-export services for distribution within Sweden and throughout Scandinavia.

The freight operations at Jönköping Airport are an important part of the region's efforts to develop the region into a national and international logistics center. The airport participates in this work in different contexts and is represented in various regional associations for these purposes.
The freight business has been run since 2006 under it's own auspices and in January 2010, a new major freight terminal was inaugurated, including 600 square meters of temperature controlled storage capacity. In December 2014, after just four years, an extension of an additional 450 square meters was put into use.
Jönköping acts as a hub that connects Brussels, Karlsruhe, Oslo, Esbjerg and Helsinki.

Since January 2022, Zimex Aviation transports mail on behalf of Swedish state-owned company PostNord, every night Monday-Thursday, between Jönköping and Stockholm.

The freight terminal is open 24 hours a day (on request).
The following freight companies currently operate at Jönköping Airport Cargo Terminal: Fedex, TimeMatters, DanX and PostNord.

Offloading ULD:s from a plane
Offloading ULD:s

If you are interested in cooperating with us or want to discuss logistics opportunities, please contact Henrik Älverdal, Chief Commercial Officer.
Phone: +46(0)36 - 31 12 08

For operational questions, please contact Magnus Ivarsson, Cargo Manager.

Career opportunities

If you are interested to become one in our team at the airport send us your CV together with a covering letter where you tell us what you are interested to contribute with. Send the e-mail to: