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Special assistance

To get the best possible help, we are grateful for the special needs communicated to the airline in advance to get such a smooth handling as possible.

If you have any questions about the reachability of your trip with a disability, please contact Customer Service.

Phone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 00

Book your flight

If you have reduced mobility and places special demands during the flight, you must provide this information when you book your trip.
According to the rules of the EU people with reduced mobility have the right to assistance if the reservation is made less than 48 hours before scheduled departure. This applies, for example, if you:

  • need special service to get to and from the aircraft and to come onboard
  • use portable oxygen equipment
  • is wheelchair-bound and uses a wheelchair alternative electric / battery-powered wheelchair
  • have impaired vision or hearing and need direct information
  • entails guide dog
    If the reservation is not made in time, you still get help at the airport - but the airport can't guarantee that the service will be exactly the one desired. To ensure your assistance, contact the airline or your travelagent to book assistance.

Pick up-point at the airport

A pick up point / meeting point is a place where people with reduced mobility can announce their arrival at the airport and request assistance. Pick up point at Jönköping Airport is located to the right of the entrance at the terminal building and is equipped with direct dial to the relevant personnel.


Escortstaff will help you bring the wheelchair to and into an airport lavatory but will not provide assistance during a visit to the toilet. If you need help during visits to the toilet, you should travel with another person.

Electric / battery-powered wheelchair

It is not possible for passengers with reduced mobility to take the wheelchair in the cabin. The wheelchair will be carried in the baggage hold at no cost and will not be included as part of their baggage allowance. Airport staff will be careful with your equipment during loading and unloading. To minimize the risk of damage, it is recommended that you remove all loose parts from your wheelchair before you hand it over at the airport. The airport will be responsible for temporary replacement of any damaged or lost assistive devices if the damage occurred during the escort service. However, replacements are not always entirely identical with the devices that were lost.
When booking your journey, you must state what type of electric wheelchair you have, as well as its measurements and weight. The electric wheelchair's measurements and weight will determine whether the airline can transport the wheelchair or not. An electric wheelchair cannot be carried on all types of aircraft. Check carefully with the airline as to what rules apply to electric wheelchairs on their aircraft.

Manual wheelchair

It is often possible to use your own manual wheelchair all the way to the aircraft door. At some airports, this wheelchair must already be handed over at check-in, where you will receive help in changing over to a wheelchair belonging to the airport.

Securiry checks

The safety and security of our passengers is our number one priority. All passengers must pass through security control before they enter the departure lounges. Wheelchair users will inevitably activate the archway metal detector and security personnel are obliged to handsearch passengers who activate the alarms: therefore wheelchair and passenger will be searched. You can ask to be searched in private, away from the main security controlarea if you prefer.

Escorting when departing

Escortstaff members normally board the aircraft with you before the other passengers board when the aircraft is empty and there is plenty of room to help you into your seat.
If you are wheelchair-bound, you will be moved from the wheelchair to a narrow “cabin wheelchair" that fits in the narrow aircraft aisle.

Oxygen equipment

If you use oxygen equipment, it is important that you state this at the time of booking. If you have your own oxygen equipment, you must tell what kind of equipment you have. If you are not dependent on oxygen during the entire journey, you do not need to carry your own tubes into the aircraft cabin. An oxygen tube for emergency use is available on board. If you will be making a long journey abroad and changing aircraft, you must ask the tour operator or airline to verify that batteries and oxygen equipment are approved by the airline you will be travelling on. Different rules apply on different airlines. For this reason it is very important that you make sure that the airline you will be travelling on will allow your equipment on board. If you will be travelling on more than one airline, you must remember to contact each airline.


Pharmaceuticals must always be carried in your hand baggage inside the aircraft cabin. Checked-in baggage may be destroyed or lost en route and delays may occur. Medicines in liquid form must be shown when you pass through the airport´s security checkpoint.
You may be asked to taste any liquid medicines, or to provide evidence (such as a doctor's letter) that you need them for your journey. If they are liquid and more than 100ml, you should check with your airline before travelling.

Guide dogs

It is important that at the time of booking, you state that you will be travelling with an assistance (guide) dog.
The rules for travelling with an assistance dog may vary, depending on which airline you fly with and what country you are flying to. This is why it is important for you to contact the airline you will be travelling on well in advance of your journey.

Upon arrival

On arrival, escort staff will meet you outside the aircraft door. If you cannot move inside the aircraft, escort staff will help you after the other passengers have disembarked. If you are wheelchair-bound, you will be moved from the cabin wheelchair to your own manual wheelchair when you have exited through the aircraft door. If you have an electric wheelchair, you will ordinarily change first to the manual wheelchair provided by the airport at the aircraft door and retrieve your electric wheelchair in the baggage hall. You should be able to provide clear information about how to assemble this wheelchair. If assembly is complicated, you must make sure in advance that you will receive the help that is needed.

You will be escorted from the aircraft, through any passport control and onward to the arriving baggage conveyor, where your baggage will be retrieved, then to the Customs checkpoint. The escort service ends at the pick-up point close to your next form of transport if you will be continuing by taxi, bus or car from Jönköping Airport.

Escort staff will also assist you to connecting aircraft if you will be flying onward from the airport.

Think about carefully planning your continued transport from the airport to your hotel or other abode after reaching your final destination.

For information about the rules that apply during your actual journey, please contact your airline or tour operator.