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Fear of flying

It's safe to fly. It's the safest form of transport known to man. Find out all you can about aircrafts - their sound, movements and interior.

Tips before the flight

  • Make sure you are well rested and have eaten properly before you travel. The body burns sugar faster under stress.

  • Arrive at the airport in good time. If you arrive late, you risk becoming even more stressed.

  • Ask for a seat in the front where the plane is most stable. If you suffer from fear of heights avoid window seat.

  • Try not to hide your fear. Do not be afraid to tell the check-in staff and cabin crew if you are afraid of flying.
    Try to relax and feel free to bring a good book or listen to music. Focus on your breathing and breathe slowly.

  • Avoid alcohol. Too much alcohol can increase your feeling of being out of control. Also avoid drinking coffee,
    because large amounts of caffeine stimulates the body and you react as if it was adrenaline. Drink instead plenty of water during the flight.

  • Make a move during the flight. Stand up and stretch or walk a few steps when you don't need the belt.