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Travelers queuing for the Security control


Make sure to be at the airport in good time before departure in order to pass smoothly at the securitycontrol.

Before the security check:

  • Show your boarding card for security personnel.
  • All bags you bring on the plane will be x-rayed screened.
  • Carry-on baggage containing laptops, tablets and other electronic devices must be removed from the luggage and placed in separate plastic box.
  • Stop small items such as keys, coins and mobile phones in your jacket or your carry-on baggage and place them in a plastic box.
  • Remove clothing (for example jacket or coat) and place them in a plastic box.
  • Place your handluggage in a plastic box.
  • Note that there are restrictions on how much liquid you can bring in your hand luggage. Liquids, creams, aerosols and gels in containers of more than 100 ml (1 cup) may be carried in handluggage. The containers should be placed in a transparent one-liter plastic bag and will fit without problems in the bag, which must be closed. The bag should be resealable. Read more about the liquid regulations at the Transportstyrelsen website
  • Pushchairs and walking aids will be x-rayed screened.
  • Wheelchairs / walkers will be searched thoroughly.
  • To save time, we advise you to only put valuables and things you need for your trip in your handluggage.

New requirements for screening passengers - ETD
On March 1, 2015 new procedures introduces for the screening of hand luggage to detect any traces of explosives with the help of so called ETD equipment (Explosive Trace Detection). Beginning in mid-August 2015 and progressively until February 1, 2017 increased screening using ETD to also apply passengers.

Prohibited items

Repack all sharp objects that could be used as a stabbing in the baggage to be checked in. These include scissors, nail files, pocket-knives and corkscrews. If sharp objects will be found in the securitycontrol, you can either leave the to Customer Service for pick-up or discard them. Fireworks, firecrackers and cigarettelighter may not be included either in handluggage or in the check-in luggage. According to the Transportstyrelsens rules , the security staff at Jönköping Airport can confiscate items that is deemed to be a security risk.

After the securitycontrol

Everything you buy after the securitycontrol can be carried onboard, including beverages, perfumes and cosmetics packaged in containers of more than 100 ml.
If you fly via another country, do not forget to check the rules of that country, then you may need to pass through security there, before you go on your connecting flight .