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Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions.


How ​​much does one week's parking cost?
A week costs SEK 625.
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Does one need/can one pre-book parking with you?
No, on both questions. We do not have a pre-booking system, but there are always available places with us.


Is there an ATM at the airport?
No, unfortunately it doesn't.

Can foreign currency be exchanged at the airport?
No, there is no exchange office at the airport. However, there are exchange offices in central Jönköping.
Forex Bank at Västra Storgatan 6 in Jönköping offers a better exchange rate and no re-exchange fee for those traveling from Jönköping Airport !


How ​​long before the flight departs should you be at the airport to check in?
If you are traveling on a charter, we open check-in 2-2.5 hours before departure and close 1 hour before departure. Make sure you are at the airport in good time so that the plane can take off on time.
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How ​​much luggage can you bring on the flight?
It depends on which airline you are traveling with. Contact your airline or tour operator. Price, weight and measurements as well as excess weight vary between different airlines and which ticket class you have.

Can you buy pushchair bags at the airport?
Absolutely. We sell pram bags that cost SEK 40. We also provide Airshells bags which are a robust bag that protects your stroller, umbrella stroller and car seat.
For information and booking of Airshells

Do you have to use the charter companies' address tags?
No, that is not necessary. It is also good to have an address label on your bag with your name and phone number on it. Check-in always puts a tag on the bag. TUI has stopped manufacturing its address tags. We have our own with our logo on it which is fine to use.

What happens if my suitcase is damaged when I land at Jönköping Airport?
If your suitcase is damaged, this must be reported to Customer Service before you leave the airport. It is up to you as a traveler to check that your suitcase is intact when you land at the airport and if it is damaged, this must be reported immediately on the spot. The airlines do not accept reports made after you have left the airport and returned home.
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What happens if my suitcase is not with the flight when I land at Jönköping Airport?
If your suitcase is not on the flight, this must be reported directly to Customer Service at the airport. Customer Service will help you make a report that the bag is missing and it is being searched for.
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Is there a restaurant at the airport and can I buy something after security?
Yes, there is a restaurant at the airport and they are open on all our charter flights and most other flights. On all our charter departures there are also sales in the gate after the security check.
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Are there always staff on site at your place? Ex. during evenings and weekends?
We always have staff on site during departures and arrivals. This also applies to weekends and late evenings. Customer Service to help you with questions related to your trip can be found in the departure hall. If there is no one there, there is a phone on the left side of the door that goes directly to us. It may be that we are out by the aircraft or helping travelers elsewhere. As I said, pick up the phone - and we'll help you!
See Customer Service's opening hours


Is there a Duty Free shop at the airport?
Yes, there is a Duty Free shop after Security in Gate 1 that you can only shop in if you are traveling from us.

When is the Taxfree shop open?
The tax-free shop is currently open on all our charter departures.

What kind of range is there in the Taxfree shop?
In the Taxfree shop you can, among other things, buy perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and chocolate.
If you travel within the EU, you can buy perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery. Are you traveling outside the EU, e.g. Turkey, you can also buy alcohol. Gran Canaria and Tenerife are exceptions to the rule, so if you travel here you can also buy alcohol.


What applies when entering Turkey?
From On January 1, 2015, Swedish passports must have a validity period of more than 150 days on the day of departure from Sweden. A visa is required for Norwegian passport holders.


Do I need a permit to fly my drone?
New rules for drones apply from 1 January 2021. The rules are common throughout the EU and do not apply to drones that fly indoors.
The new rules are relatively close to the previous rules, but drones are classified differently depending on the risk level of the flight. All drones are divided into open, specific or certified category. Just like before, there are some basic rules that always apply when flying a drone:

  • Special permission is needed to fly out of sight and higher than 120 meters above the ground, except when flying over an obstacle.
  • You must not fly in a way that poses a risk to other aircraft, people, animals, the environment or property.

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