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Flights to Almedalen from Jönköping also this summer

It will also be possible this summer to take the flight directly from Jönköping to Visby and Almedalsveckan. Just like last year, it is, which is run by the Norrköping company Tadema AB, which in collaboration with Saab AB is behind the venture.

For the past 10 years, with interruptions during the pandemic years, the company has served Visby during Almedal week. has offered several departures during the Almedal week, primarily from Linköping, and since last summer Jönköping has also been included in the program.

  • Continuing our service with direct flights from Jönköping to Almedalen underlines our commitment to simplify and make Almedal Week accessible to more people. With this venture, we not only offer a quick and efficient route to the heart of Almedal Week, but also a unique opportunity to experience the dynamic atmosphere and the important community discussions that characterize the event. We are proud to be able to build bridges between regions and promote an accessible dialogue for everyone who wishes to participate in these important conversations, says the initiator Thomas Sjölander, Tadema AB.

A day longer on Gotland
New for this year is that you have the option to stay one day longer on Gotland and a total of three nights. The flight takes off from Jönköping on Tuesday, June 25 at 10:30 and the return back to Jönköping departs from Visby one day later this year than last year, on Friday, June 28 at 19:05.

Taking the flight to Almedalen has several advantages. Not least, many hours are saved on the trip itself. With a flight time of only 35 minutes, you arrive in Visby in time for lunch on Tuesday. On Friday, you can participate in the activities well into the afternoon and still be back in Jönköping by the evening.

  • It feels very nice that we can offer direct flights to the Almedal week again. The fact that this year we can put the return departure on Friday feels extra good, as it was a request from many last year. Thanks to our central location in southern Sweden, we make it possible for many people to quickly and easily get to Visby, says Henrik Älverdal, commercial manager Jönköping Airport.

Saab AB will fly with its own aircraft, a Saab 2000 with room for 50 passengers. Tickets are booked digitally via, where you also have the option of booking a bus transfer between Visby airport and Visby harbor terminal.

About the Almedal Week
Almedal Week, which started in the late 1960s, is today one of Sweden's most significant and dynamic political gatherings. It is held annually in Visby on Gotland, and the event has grown to become a central meeting place for politicians, business representatives, organizations and the media.
The week is characterized by an extensive agenda of seminars, speeches and debates where the leading political parties, together with a wide range of organisations, discuss current national and international issues. It provides a unique opportunity for open dialogue and networking between different sectors of society.

Originally initiated by Olof Palme, Almedal Week has become a symbol of Swedish democracy and open debate. It attracts thousands of visitors every year and offers a unique chance to engage directly in political and community-related discussions.
In addition to the political content, Almedal Week also contributes cultural elements and social events, making it a rich and diverse experience for all participants.

For questions please contact:
Henrik Älverdal, Commercial Manager Jönköping Airport, Tel: +46(0)36-31 12 08,
Thomas Sjölander, Tadema AB, Tel: +46(0)705-26 42 20