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High demand for Ving's departures from Jönköping this summer

This morning, a fully booked charter flight took off from Jönköping Airport to Gran Canaria with happy Easter holiday travelers and thus ends another appreciated winter season with Ving. However, the residents of Jönköping need not despair. Ving's summer season with direct flights to Mallorca kicks off at Valborg and many Jönköping residents are hanging on, on the first departure 9 out of 10 seats are sold out. Demand is also high on other departures to the popular Mediterranean island. Half of the places this summer are already booked. A novelty for this year is that Ving offers two departures to the island of the sun god Helios, Rhodes in October, one of which is an attractive autumn holiday departure. Now the winter's popular trips to Gran Canaria have also been put up for sale.

Ving's latest booking figures confirm that travel cravings for sun and warmth are great.

  • It is clear that the people of Jönköping are more than ready to let go of the long and cold winter now. Warmer latitudes beckon and last week we sold 9 percent better than we did last year at the same time. So there is undeniably high pressure. Therefore, it feels extra fun that we can extend the summer season this year with two October trips to Rhodes, where one also takes place in connection with the autumn holidays. It will be a nice complement to the start of the winter trips to Gran Canaria, which this year will have a more favorable departure day as they go on Fridays instead of mid-week, says Claes Pellvik, communications manager Ving.

To Mallorca and Rhodes, Ving flies from Jönköping Airport with its own airline Sunclass Airlines, which is known to be especially popular among travelers. The trips to Mallorca run every Tuesday from Valborg until the end of July. After that, two October departures to Rhodes are offered before the winter season to Gran Canaria begins just in time for the autumn holiday week, on 25 October.

  • We can really look back on a fantastic winter season. Ving doubled the capacity for this season compared to the previous winter and we can state that it more than lived up to our expectations. Now we really look forward to welcoming all travelers who will travel to Mallorca from Jönköping. The fact that we get to add two departures to Rhodes in October feels great as it is a destination for which we have long experienced a high demand, says Henrik Älverdal, commercial manager Jönköping Airport.

About the new departure date for next winter's trips to Gran Canaria, Henrik adds:

  • Very good! Fridays and morning departures with Braathens Regional Airlines are a really successful combination. Being able to travel early from a nearby airport and get maximum time at the destination by traveling home in the evening is something that many people wish for. In addition, having the whole weekend ahead of you when you get home is of course very nice.

For questions, contact:
Henrik Älverdal, Commercial Manager Jönköping Airport +46(0)36-31 12 08
Claes Pellvik, Head of Communications Ving +46(0)709-51 30 32