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More flights and travelers took off at Jönköping Airport in 2023

The number of passengers at Jönköping Airport continued to develop positively in 2023. A total of 21,802 passengers traveled to and from Jönköping last year, which corresponds to an increase of 38% compared to the previous year. The airport can also note increased activity in terms of the number of take-offs and landings, when these amounted to 4,760, 10% more than in 2022.

An expanded charter range from Jönköping was the basis for the positive passenger development. During winter and autumn, flights departed to Gran Canaria, while in summer it was possible to offer departures to Mallorca, Crete and Split. At the same time, seven charter flights with tourists from Germany arrived during June-August, which was also more than in 2022.

-It is gratifying to see how more and more travelers are finding their way back to us after the pandemic. It is something that is also felt by the charter companies who this year choose to expand their program further from Jönköping. So far we have a total of 8 destinations ready for 2024, says Henrik Älverdal, Commercial Manager at Jönköping Airport.

Air freight follows the global trend
The amount of freight handled in 2023 decreased by a total of 11%. A total of 3,072 tonnes of goods were handled, of which 686 tonnes were mail. The mail volume itself increased by as much as 38%. Globally, the amount of air freight decreased and Jönköping Airport was thus no exception.

-There are indications that the bottom has been reached and that we will now see a positive development again. For example, the international aviation organization IATA predicts that air freight will grow globally by 4.5% in 2024. We are also in concrete negotiations that will mean more goods for us to handle, comments a hopeful Henrik Älverdal.

Increased social benefit
In addition to more charter movements, the number of socially useful flight movements at Jönköping Airport was also significantly higher than in 2022. This category includes, among other things, military flights, police flights, firefighting flights, ambulance flights and crime and organ transports. The total number of movements amounted to 544, 33% more than in 2022 and the highest figure in many years.

-It is mainly ambulance and fire flights that doubled in number last year and shows the importance of the airport for the region in a troubled time, says Sofie Hagman, CEO at Jönköping Airport.

For 2024, Jönköping Airport has received continued trust as one of the country's temporary standby airports, a task it has held since 2020. The airport is also proposed in a government investigation to become one of the country's permanent standby airports.

For questions, contact:

Sofie Hagman, CEO Jönköping Airport 036-31 12 17
Henrik Älverdal, Commercial manager Jönköping Airport 036-31 12 08