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Luggage truck driving a long train with luggage loaded

Delayed / Damaged bag

If your bag is lost or if your luggage is damaged during the flight you can find more information below.

Delayed luggage

A notification of lost luggage must be made upon arrival at the airport. Once your luggage has arrived at the airport we will contact you to schedule a time for delivery or alternatively a pick up of your luggage. For questions regarding claims, please contact your airline. If any objects are missing in the bag they must be reported at the airport and a police report should be established. Regarding claims please contact your insurance company primarly.
Please note that responsibility for fragile, valuable or fragile items lies with the passenger. Examples of fragile items are: Money, keys, medicine printed prescription glasses / sunglasses, bottles, cameras, jewelry, computers, mobile phones, musical instruments, passports or other personal identification document or other valuable things.

Damaged luggage

Damaged baggage must be presented and reported at the airport upon arrival. Is the damage not discovered until the homecoming contact your airline. The airlines takes no responsibility for unsuitably packed baggage, damaged or fragile baggage by the check-in. Also not for external damage of the baggage (for example scratches, stains, dirt and dents) that arise from normal wear and tear or for water damage to non-waterproof baggage.

If you have any questions about your missing / damaged baggage that you have reported at Jönköping Airport please contact Customer Service.
Phone: +46 (0) 36-31 12 00