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It's easy to park your car at Jönköping Airport. You can quickly reach the terminal building from our entire parking areas. No pre-booking is required - there are always plenty of parking spaces.

If you park your car with us during your charter trip can park even closer to the terminal by parking on Parking area P1 (old short-term parking). From here you can reach the terminal in less than a minute. The old long-term parking lot remains but is now called P2. We introduce the same fee in these two areas.

Close to you. And a warm welcome to Jönköping Airport.

Parking Areas

The parking spaces at Jönköping Airport are divided into different areas.
Payment takes place in the mobile apps Parkster, Easypark or with a payment card. The payment machine is located on P2 and inside the terminal at the entrance.

1. Disembarking and boarding (Area 1)
30-minute parking in designated spaces on the street in front of the terminal.

2. Visitor/lunch parking (Area 2)
Parking up to three hours. Lunch guests to Restaurant Air Inn park free of charge in designated spaces in Area 2 between 11.00 and 14.30.

3. P1 (Area 3)
For parking up to four weeks.

4. P2 (Area 4)
For parking up to four weeks.

5. Rental cars (Area 5)
In these car parks you will find your rental car and they are marked with the respective rental car company. This is also where the rental car must be parked when returning it.

6. Taxi (Area 6)
This is the taxi zone and here there are both free and pre-booked cars.

Disabled parking (Areas 1 and 3) - For vehicles with a disabled permit in marked places.

  • In Area 1 (the road closest to the terminal), places are limited to 30 minutes. See designated signs. Parking in these places is free. Note! Place your disability permit visibly in the car's windshield.

  • In Area 3 (P1) there are two marked disabled spaces in the first row closest to the terminal and the walkway and you can park here if you are away for more than a day, for example a week or two. Parking in these places is free. Note! Place your disability permit visibly in the car's windshield.

Charge your electric car
We can now offer a total of eight charging points with us for your electric car:

  • We offer two charging posts with a total of four outlets for charging in the Visitor Parking (Area 2). You can park here for a maximum of three hours. Max power 22kWh. Payment for charging is made via Parkster or Easypark. Here you can download the apps for Parkster- and Easypark.

  • We also have two charging posts with a total of four outlets for charging in the short-term parking lot (Area 3) in collaboration with the charging operator MER. You can park here for up to a week. Max power 22kWh. Payment for the charge is made via MER. Here you can get a charging subscription from MER.

  • The charging stations have no fixed cables but European standard type 2 sockets that are suitable for all electric cars and charging hybrids.

  • The parking spaces for charging cannot be pre-booked, you park according to space.

  • You pay the fee for your parking via the apps or in one of our payment machines.

Prices (fee every day 00-24)

Pick up/Drop off

Maximum 30 minutes
SEK 20/30 min

Visitor parking

Maximum 3 hours
SEK 20 per hour

P1 and P2

Hour 1-6
SEK 20 per hour
SEK 120 per day
1 week (8 days)
SEK 625
2 weeks (15 days)
SEK 825
3 weeks (22 days)
SEK 1025
4 weeks (29 days)
SEK 1225

Possible service and transaction costs may be added.

Parking Receipt

If you have paid for the parking via the machine, use the link below and fill in your registration number and the card you used for payment. There is a 24 hour delay before your receipt becomes available in the portal. Parking receipts can also be obtained directly when you have paid on the spot.

If you have paid via the app Easypark or Parkster, you can then log into your account and review your electronic receipts. Click on the link to go directly to the login.

Receipts and historical parking lots can be found under "Parkings/Receipts".

The airport pays an insurance that covers the parking customers' excess
Jönköping Airport has insurance for all travelers who park in the airport's parking lot. The insurance covers the deductible that affects the traveler in connection with an injury that occurs in the car park and that is reimbursed from the regular car insurance. The insurance company reimburses the deductible up to SEK 15,000.

In order for you as a traveler to easily request compensation from the insurance company, you can via Parkingclaims make your claim directly on the page. Read more about the insurance at Parkingclaims website

For more information please contact Customer Service:
Phone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 00